Dear Hardworking HVAC Contractor:

We all know that a thriving, strong maintenance program is essential for contractor success and longevity. Yet, many contractors enroll hundreds of maintenance plans each year and lose 80% of them. I’ve seen it happen. That’s nuts! 

Do you have these maintenance plan retention problems?

  • Do your customers buy a maintenance plan because their system needed an expensive repair - and they don’t renew the next year?
  • Do you give a maintenance plan with a replacement system - and they don’t renew the next year?
  • Do your customers go into “the witness protection program” – and disappear when it is renewal time?

That’s like a hamster running on a spinning wheel….working really hard and getting nowhere. 

Even I was frustrated!

My name is Ruth King. For the past 30+ years I’ve helped thousands of contractors grow thriving maintenance programs and put millions in the bank.

Here are some results:

Contractor in the Midwest:

“We had to open a savings account in another bank because we exceeded the Federal Insurance of $250,000 per account with our maintenance savings.”

Contractor in the Southeast:

" In 7 years we saved over $1.7 million.” 

The maintenance program’s emails and postcards I developed have worked for years. However, getting my clients to send them on a continual, monthly basis is really tough. 

After all, they are probably like you - busy and don’t have the time to do this. Or, they cannot justify a person’s time and costs to handle this. They don’t want to take time away from what they do best: maintaining, repairing, and replacing HVAC systems.

Sound familiar? 

I was searching for a company who could do this automatically and the answer was staring me in the face: Continuity Programs. Continuity Programs already works with some of my clients and does a phenomenal job with customer retention. 

Here are some of their results:

“We are known in our area as aggressive marketers. We install around 1,500 new advanced systems a year, and complete hundreds of service calls a week. We have been using the Connections Program for almost 10 years. The Connections Program has helped us grow our customer retention rate, now over 60% and exponentially grow our service agreement business. We also send 50 radius mailers on every install and every resident in our service area gets a least a couple a year reminding them we are the company to call. Our sales staff reference the customer satisfaction analysis done by Continuity, to show our near 100% third party conducted satisfaction ratings. If you really want to grow and build your brand, I recommend you partner with Continuity Programs unless you are in my service area.”

I am pleased to finally have an easy way for my Contractors to retain a thriving maintenance customer base.

You can have your very own Maintenance Plan Retention Program too!

Through Continuity Programs, you communicate with your maintenance customers every month – sometimes by email, sometimes by direct mail, and sometimes both. Then, when it is renewal time, your customers see the value of the plan and renew. Or, if your customer is on monthly recurring billing (which we strongly recommend), they won’t cancel their monthly billing.

EVERYTHING is done for you: Emails, postcards, thank you cards, Loyalty Bucks (explained later), maintenance videos.

All you have to do is send the list of maintenance customers that join every month and Continuity Programs will take care of the rest…using the emails and postcards that I’ve developed…and have worked for years.

And, “Voila!” It’s done. You don’t have to worry about what to say, printing, mailing, emailing, or anything else.

So what do you get in your Maintenance Plan Retention Program?

  1. New maintenance customers: thank you cards mailed with your company logo on the front.
  2. “Loyalty Bucks” – these are mailed in their maintenance anniversary month.
  3. Monthly communications – sometimes email, sometimes postcards.
  4. 2 postcard reminders to call about pre-paid maintenance. These are sent a month before maintenance is due. 
  5. “We love our customers” $25 gift card - good for any company product.
  6. Maintenance video with your logo and phone number that proves maintenance saves money. 

Your maintenance customers will receive this communications sequence: 

New maintenance plan customer: Thank you card

January: Email: Happy New Year, we appreciate your business and a tip to be more comfortable in your home.

February: Postcard: “We love our customers” $25 gift card.

March: Email: Tips to be more comfortable in your home.

April: Email: Tips to be more comfortable in your home.

May: Email: Tips to be more comfortable in your home.

June: Postcard: Repair or replace cooling system?

Seasonal Postcard (sometime in January – June): Reminder to call and schedule pre-paid maintenance.

July: Email: Happy Fourth of July and tips to be more comfortable in your home.

August: Email: End of summer tips to be more comfortable in your home.

September: Email: Fall tips to be more comfortable in your home.

October: Postcard: Repair or replace heating system?

November: Email: Tips to be more comfortable in your home.

December: Email: Holiday Tips to be more comfortable in your home.

Seasonal Postcard (sometime in July – December): Reminder to call and schedule pre-paid maintenance.

Anniversary Month: Letter with $50 “Loyalty Bucks” towards replacement equipment.

Anniversary Date: Email: Maintenance saves money video.

Ok, what are the “Loyalty Bucks?”

“Loyalty Bucks” help you tie your maintenance customers to your company when it is time to replace their system. Every year, on the anniversary month of the customer’s enrollment we send them 50 “Loyalty Bucks” which are good toward the replacement of their system.  If your customer has had a maintenance plan for 10 years, that’s $500 towards the replacement of a system. It’s a thank you for owning a maintenance plan for those years. It’s ”Loyalty Bucks.”

How much is it to participate in the Maintenance Plan Retention Program?

Your investment is only $11.97 per maintenance customer per year.

As part of this program, Service Roundtable members will receive a rebate of up to 2.5% (through Continuity Programs' preferred partnership).

By the way…you can, and should, raise the price of your maintenance plan to cover the investment.

What’s the catch?

  • There is a set up investment of $297 to cover the costs of incorporating your logo, your company’s name, and your maintenance video.
  • You must enroll a minimum of 100 maintenance customers.
  • Your monthly investment is a mere $99.75 for those 100 customers and is non-cancellable for one year.

Can you do this yourself?  Of course you can…but you probably won’t long term, and probably not for this price.

Labor and overhead alone will cost you more than $99.75 per month…not including designing and printing the postcards, coming up with the emails every month, and remembering to do it every month. And, the cost of producing a maintenance video is thousands of dollars to do it yourself.

Better that you focus on what you do best…maintain, repair, and replace HVAC systems, and leave the rest to us.

What is the cost of NOT renewing your maintenance plans?

If you have 300 maintenance plans and you increase your retention rate from 50% to 80%:

  • Instead of having to find another 150 new maintenance customers just to stay even, you only have to enroll 60 new customers.
  • And, if you increase it to 96%, which is the renewal rate of many of my customers, you only have to enroll 12 new customers.

Let’s do the math, assuming you have 300 maintenance customers:

  • Renew 90 customers (retaining 80% instead of 50%) at $180 each: $16,200 saved
  • Invest $11.97 per customer - 300 times $11.97:  $3,591.

Would you invest $3,591 to save $16,200?  A no-brainer, yes, decision.

Build and retain a thriving maintenance program and retain those customers using this program.

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I’ll send you the details on my program to grow your maintenance customer base.

My Double Guarantee:

If, at the end of one year using this system, you don’t renew at least $6,000 in maintenance plan dollars…double your investment, I will give you your money back…and you can keep the video!

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We look forward to helping you retain your maintenance customers.

Best regards,

Ruth King

Profitability Master


P.S. Remember, this program qualifies for up to 2.5% Roundtable Rewards rebate, if you are a Service Roundtable member. These rebates are through Continuity Programs' preferred partnership with Service Roundtable.

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