Request Quote - Company Account

Please fill in the form and we'll contact you with a company account quote! Quotes are based on the number of loan officers using the system.

Benefits of a Company Account

  • Continuity’s API integration for secure and easy data transfer
  • Discounted programs based on volume
  • Dedicated Account Manager for corporate, branch, and loan officer support (including training)
  • We facilitate and automate mass order processing & do all the work for you...  Keeping your loan officers loyal, and free to work and sell
  • Extensive management reporting by branch, loan officer, and teams including leads, referrals, satisfaction survey ratings & results
  • Custom branding for your customer retention programs
  • Implementation of your corporate prospecting & onboarding campaigns
  • Custom branded online storefront with your approved custom media available for all of your loan officers only
  • 24/7 access to Continuity’s unique designs, marketing products, online store, email marketing, and
  • ClientTracker leads automatically generated when your contact lists their home for sale
  • Personalized email campaigns automatically sent out on behalf of each loan officer
  • All touchpoints include a personalized URL linking to a convenient online response form
  • 24/7 access to pull names & addresses from the most advanced leads module with thousands of demographic combinations, and the ever so popular polygon selection system
  • 24/7 access to create, add, or edit your sphere of influence, customer, and prospect lists
  • Ongoing data storage, maintenance, and NCOA updates to your customer database
  • Exclusive leads sent to your inbox
  • Future lead tracking and reminders
  • Co-branded programs for additional business units
  • Graphic design fees waived upon certain monthly order quantities
  • Option for Continuity to develop & host your own corporate identity platform/white label storefront