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Benefits of a Company Account

  • Continuity's API integration for secure and easy data transfer
  • Customized programs tailored to your company brand, needs, and budget
  • Discounted programs based on volume
  • Dedicated Account Manager for corporate, salesperson and technician support, including initial and ongoing training
  • Co-branded programs for additional business units
  • Graphic design fees waived upon certain monthly order quantities
  • New salesperson programming fees waived
  • Discounted initial programming and set up fees with a small monthly order quantity
  • We facilitate and automate mass order processing & do all the work for you...  Keeping your technicians and salespeople loyal, and free to work and sell
  • Extensive management reporting by location, tech, and salesperson including leads, referrals, satisfaction survey ratings & results
  • Custom branding for your own customer retention program
  • Implementation of your company prospecting, radius marketing & tune-up reminder campaigns
  • Company marketing support based on your initiatives
  • Upon request, Continuity can create a private section on the store with your approved custom media available for all of your employees only