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BONUS EXCEL TEMPLATE: Mortgage CRM Software Requirements and Vendor Research Checklist

Finding the right mortgage CRM can be a daunting process. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn why the following factors are so important when choosing a mortgage CRM:

·  Vendor Information & Reputation
·  Business Alignment
·  Ease of Use & Customer Support Services
·  CRM Integrations & Functionality
·  Lead Generation Capabilities & Marketing Features
·  Reporting & Metrics

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Guide to Choosing Mortgage CRM Software MOCKUP SHADOWS

This guide is designed to help you define your requirements for a mortgage CRM and easily evaluate key criteria when researching various vendors.

  1. In the mortgage industry, lenders are changing the way they reach their customers and generate leads. Lenders with the right technology will have an edge over their competitors, not just in terms of marketing and outreach, but also in terms of loan officer productivity, customer retention, and even measuring KPIs.
  2. In addition to the guide, you’ll also receive a free bonus: The Mortgage CRM Software Requirements and Vendor Research Checklist, an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that aligns perfectly with the information provided in the guide.
  3. CRM Excel Sheet MockupThis checklist will make it easy for you to compare vendors and CRMs all in one place.
  4. With the Excel template, you can keep track of which features each CRM provides, your timeline for making a decision, your committee, and relevant information about each vendor.


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